Dec 14

Christmas time is here!


It’s time to play Christmas songs, enjoy the lights, and sing about Jesus and why He came to earth!

Oct 14

Three Little Pumpkins…


Giving thanks with grateful hearts! Our third little pumpkin is scheduled to arrive April 4th, 2015!

Oct 14

Happy 1st Birthday, Marilee!

It’s so hard to believe that my baby is one all ready! This year seems to have flown by and from looking at the pictures, it was well spent with many loving memories, giggles and laughs, lessons learned, and blessings abounding.

IMG_0775 IMG_20131015_121654_576 IMG_20131017_173255_252

Marilee has given us so much joy this year with her smiles, little wrinkled nose when she’s especially happy, and active desire to DO things and go, go, GO! She is now busy crawling everywhere she possibly can and pulling herself up on anything that will hold her. She’s slowly starting to make her way around the coffee table so I think walking is in the near future.

Here’s a few pictures from her first ladybug birthday party that Aunt Esther helped put on!

My little ladybugs with Uncle Daniel!


The BEAUTIFUL cake Aunt Esther made!


Due to just getting over an ear infection, Marilee wasn’t the happiest of birthday girls, but a cell phone (and one for everyone – thanks parents) did go a long way to make a happy picture!

IMG_0006-2 IMG_0012

We played “Pin the dot on the Ladybug!” Sauntina wasn’t too keen on doing it herself so she guided her blindfolded uncle on where to put it. Marilee needed a little help reaching…and leaving it there (it somehow made it into her mouth!).

IMG_0015 IMG_0017

The lovely group of kiddos that helped celebrate! We had soup and sandwiches for everyone – there’s always a wonderful reason to get families together for fellowship!


Marilee cried at the sight of her two ladybugs cupcakes and wouldn’t touch them, but after being fed a couple bites, she became an old pro in no time (a rather tidy eater, I must say).

IMG_0026 IMG_0039 IMG_0052

We had many hands to help with her gifts!


Thank you, Esther and Daniel (and Emily!), for helping make this party happen and for all the work you did behind the scenes! I appreciate you very much!


Happy Birthday, Marilee! We love you so much!

IMAG0953 IMAG0954 (1) IMAG0967

Aug 14

Camping with the Camp Family!

I have never been camping before…I haven’t even slept in a tent in the backyard! But that was about to change when the Camp family invited us to join them and their three children for a weekend of camping in the White Pines State Park!

Those three days out in nature were wonderful and although I didn’t sleep that well the first night due to hearing a leaf falling on the tent, a raccoon waddling by, my girls stirring in their beds, and campers talking late into the night, the second night way better and I slept deeply! Marilee had just learned how to crawl so she kept venturing off her blanket to taste new rocks, leaves, and sticks – it was a constant job to keep up with her! And dear Sauntina…my sweet Sauntina was dirty from head to toe after playing in dirt, rocks, leaves, water, and even cooled off ashes. But oh! Was she ever happy! I think she really enjoyed the camping trip with little people around her age to enjoy and endless hours to play outside!

It was a great first experience and I hope it won’t be the last!

IMG_0022-2 IMG_0024 IMG_0027 IMG_0029 IMG_0031 IMG_0006 IMG_0017-2

Jul 14

Happy Birthday, Robert!

Robert’s birthday always falls on a fun week – the 4th of July celebrations! For the 4th, Daniel, Robert, Sauntina, Marilee and I went to Cantigny Park to enjoy the beautiful, family-friendly grounds and listen to the grand Navy band play patriotic songs. Sauntina loved climbing all over the display tanks with Daniel!

IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0030 IMG_0039 IMG_0050

And today, just a couple days later, we celebrate the birthday of a wonderful man of God, the fearless leader in our family, our spiritual guide, and creative inventor of many exciting adventures! May your new year be blessed, Robert! Thank you for your leadership, love, and direction in our lives…your girls love you VERY much!

IMG_0057 IMG_0061 IMG_0066

May 14

Everywhere is a playground!

Robert, Sauntina, Marilee and I were able to take a trip back to Canada in February to visit my parents in lieu of the missed Christmas plans because of the hospital stay. Sauntina loved playing with the new toys, reading with Nana & Dido…and hiding under the couch!


We love you, Nana & Dido!


May 14

Sauntina Turned 2!!!

Sauntina celebrated her second birthday last Friday with her little sister, uncles, aunt, and grandparents who had driven all the way from West Virginia! I’ll post pictures from her party soon, but for now, here’s a few pictures from a photo shoot we did with Nathan Corduan last week. Esther and Jonathan came along to help make Sauntina smile…her skill at smiling for the camera are completely  undeveloped so far. :) Our little princess is growing so quickly!




And what would a toddler photoshoot be without tears??? We love you, girls!


May 14

From chilly Chicago to sunny Big Sandy…

Yes, the opportunity came for us to attend the Big Sandy regional family conference last week! Robert live streamed the evening sessions while I visited friends from all over and introduced them to Marilee and an ever growing/changing Sauntina. The Pendergasts hosted us during our stay and Sauntina went to sleep each evening quite worn out from playing with their four children. :)


My sister, Aleita, works down there at the International ALERT Academy so we squeezed in as many opportunities to visit as we possible could!


We also celebrated a lovely and restful Easter Sunday with the Pendergast Family and friends ~ Aleita, Corrie and I all wore the same colors without knowing it!


On the way home, Robert, James, Jonathan, Sauntina, Marilee and I stopped in St. Louis for the night and toured the St. Louis arch the next morning. This was my first time up there and it was quite the feeling to be over 600 feet in the air with nothing between you and the ground!


Now we are home sweet home and ready to settle back into routines again…


Apr 14

A Little Catch-up Time…

Due to three surgeries over the Christmas season, and wonderful help from my sister, Aleita, and Robert’s parents for a couple months following, we fell behind in post updates, but are blessed with good health once again and back to tackling the tasks of life. For awhile there, I wasn’t sure I’d ever have enough energy to take care of my little girls by myself, but the Lord was so kind and we are back to normal running errands, cooking, cleaning, and hosting guests! Praise the Lord for the wonderful gift of health! Here’s a little glimpse of the past few months…

Aleita, who came for an 11 day visit in early December, ended up staying 5 weeks and was mother to my two girls while I spent a week in the hospital for gallbladder surgery, then two more surgeries in the following weeks due to complications.


Discharged Christmas Eve and celebrated a quiet Christmas together. Robert managed to make a stocking for Sauntina to open!


Mom, Dad and David Staddon came to help with the girls for two weeks in January while I continued recovering. Esther often watched the girls so I could grab a nap or rest on the couch. We are so blessed to be surrounded by family and I do not take this for granted!


Jan 14

Exhort One Another

While we were home for Thanksgiving, we enjoyed spending a little time with Josh & Lisa Wilkes and their son Josiah Bradford. Josh has been a good friend for many years and I appreciate him consistently encouraging me to grow in my love for the Lord. This is important for all of us to do on a regular basis, as it says in Hebrews 3:13: “But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”